Frequently Asked Questions


When are you open?
Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm (including summer months)


How do I contact your office?
Stop by our office (SUB 1018), call 277-7888, or email


Where are you located?
We are in the Student Union Building, Lower Level, Room 1018. Enter through the Student Activities Center Office and follow the hallway to our counter.


What is your mailing address?
Student Government Accounting Office
MSC03 2210, SUB 1018
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131


How do I get reimbursed, pay for a service, purchase office supplies, or transfer money to a department?
Fill out an Internal Requisition form. (These can also be obtained from our office.) For services, the IR must be submitted PRIOR to the service being rendered. All services MUST be pre-approved for payment.)


How do I pay the SUB, Daily Lobo, Physical Plant, or Digital Printing?
Submit a completed Internal Requisition (IR) form to SGAO to setup direct payment.


How long does it take to get my check?
Checks take 14-21 days to process. They will be mailed out to the address the individual has listed in their UNM demographics, unless the individual being paid has already established direct deposit with the University. (This includes faculty, staff, and student employees.)


How long does petty cash take?
Petty cash may be paid out on the same day the IR is submitted, depending on availability. However, it may only be used to reimburse good under $100 or copies & photo developing under $15. Petty cash must be paid out within 30 days of the purchase, otherwise the reimbursement will be processed as a check. 


Do I need to sign anything for my reimbursement?
The individual that is being reimbursed for their purchases should fill out and sign a Reimbursement Signature Form and include that along with a completed IR and all original receipts. 


Why is my reimbursement off by a small amount?
This is likely because you submitted for the full amount on a receipt where tax was paid. UNM cannot reimburse tax for goods. To prevent paying tax for an organizational purchase, stop by our office to pick-up a copy of the tax exemption certificate. (Also available here.)

How do I get a copy of the tax exemption certificate for my organization's purchasing use?
Prior to making your purchase either stop by our office at SUB 1018 or print it.


What do I need to turn-in with my IR?
Include any original receipts. Additional documentation will be requested as needed. If original receipts are unavailable for some reason, please speak with someone at SGAO.


How do I add/remove an authorized signer from our account?
Fill out a Signature Authorization Form. ***Please note: These forms are only used for one fiscal year (July 1-June 30). As of July 1st, every organization will be required to submit a new signature authorization form.


Why do I need at least three authorized signers on my account?
This is suggested for your convenience. Two authorized signatures are required on all forms. However, if one of the signers requires a reimbursement, they cannot sign their own form. Instead, the other two authorized signers may sign. In addition, should one signer be out-of-town or unavailable, your organization may still have access to their account.


Is an Advisor required to be an Authorized Signer on our account?
Advisors are not required, but can be added as a signature. They are often available on-campus to sign forms when other officers may be unavailable.


Where can I obtain a current copy of my account balance?
Balance sheets may be obtained from our office (SUB 1018). Please note that each organization is expected to keep records for their own use. However, balance sheets will be provided as a tool to reconcile your records.


What do the categories on our budget mean?
When ASUNM and/or GPSA approves funding, it is based on a budget that was submitted to and approved by the finance committee. The categories earmark certain funds for specific uses and they must be spent as intended. (To review those designated uses, check your approved budget.)


How do I change the category for our funding?
Funds may be reallocated if approved by ASUNM and/or GPSA. Start by submitting a Budget Revision form. All budget revisions should be performed prior to spending those funds. Budget revision form are also available in our office.


Where does the paperwork go when it is "being processed"?
Depending on your organization's requested need, the paperwork may visit numerous department on-campus. It is common for paperwork to visit three or more department. This is why checks, purchase orders, and other requests take time prior to payments being issued. The Student Government Accounting Office serves as an intermediary between the students and all of those departments.


Where do I go to "update my demographics"?
The demographics is where your current address is kept on-file with UNM. When an IR is submitted for payment, an individual's address on the form must match the address in the demographics. To update, visit (You will need your Net ID and password to login.)