ASUNM Appropriation Process

What is an appropriation?

An appropriation is additional funding outside of the budget process that can be requested once per semester for travel, unforeseen expenses such as conferences or events, and for onetime capital outlays such as computers or large equipment.

Can my chartered organization request a budget and an appropriation?

Yes! In fact, line items such as travel and other onetime purchases will not be funded through the annual budget process. The Finance Committee suggests that you request those items through an appropriation.

How do I submit an appropriation?

The link to download the appropriation is on the ASUNM website on the left hand side under Quick Links. Please be aware of the standing rules that the committee follows. An abridged summary of finance committee standing rules can be found on the third tab of the appropriation request. Email an electronic copy of your completed request to the ASUNM Finance Chair at no later than 5:00PM on the Friday before the Finance Committee meets.

What next?

Your next step is to attend the Finance Committee meeting. Meetings are held every other Wednesday at 6PM. This is mandatory as your group will be given three minutes to explain your need for additional funding. The committee will then make a recommendation on your Appropriation Request and vote on it. If it is approved, it then goes on to the next Full Senate meeting, which will be held the following Wednesday, where the ASUNM Senate will vote on it. You are not required to attend the Full Senate meeting.

When can I use the money that was approved?

The amount approved by the ASUNM Senate is available to your organization only after is the approved and signed by the ASUNM President (usually within 6 days of the Full Senate meeting). Your organization cannot spend these funds until all approvals are in writing.


Fall 2018 Appropriation Schedule 

Deadlines for Submission
Finance Commitee Meeting
Full Senate Meeting
Earliest Funding Available
8/17/18 @ 5PM 8/22/18 @ 6PM 8/29/18 @ 6PM 8/30/18
8/31/18 @ 5PM 9/5/18 @ 6PM 9/12/18 @ 6PM 9/13/18
914/18 @ 5PM 9/19/18 @ 6PM 9/26/18 @ 6PM 9/27/18
9/28/18 @ 5PM 10/3/18 @ 6PM 10/10/18 @ 6PM 10/11/18
10/12/18 @ 5PM 10/17/18 @ 6PM 10/24/18 @ 6PM 10/25/18
10/26/18 @ 5PM 10/31/18 @ 6PM 11/7/18 @ 6PM 11/8/18
11/9/18 @ 5PM 11/14/18 @ 6PM 11/28/18 @ 6PM 11/29/18