Helpful Handouts and Forms

The following handouts and forms are intended to help student organizations and allow them to access their allocated funds from ASUNM and GPSA. Please feel free to ask questions!
All of the following handouts and forms are also available at the Student Government Accounting Office (SUB 1018).

Getting Started with SGAO

  • Getting Started
    A checklist for beginning of the fiscal year, change of officers, or new organizations just starting out 
  • Financial Workshop Packet (Sample IRs)
    Any purchase or payment must be initiated by submitting an IR. The examples provide many scenarios that are common. If you do not see an example that fits your transaction, please visit our office and just ask for assistance. (Don't forget all IRs require two signatures from Authorized Signers on the account!)

Internal Requisitions

  • Internal Requisition (IR) Form 
    To initiate any type of payment on or off campus, including reimbursements and funds transfers
  • Please refer to Financial Workshop Packet (Sample IRs)

Budget Revisions

  • Sample Budget Revision
    Detailed instructions on how to fill out the Budget Revision Form. It is strongly recommended that you request a balance sheet from SGAO (SUB 1018) prior to filling out this form so you have the most accurate and timely information.
  • Budget Revision Form
    For organizations using ASUNM or GPSA funds, this must be submitted and approved by the respective Finance Committee prior to spending funding for a different purpose than specifically allocated. For submission deadlines please check with SGAO.

Other Forms and Handouts